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Tips for Successfully Moving into Your First Home

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Living in an apartment has its advantages, however, sometimes you just have to relocate to a more stable and permanent home. Whether it is a new job, a recent marriage or just an accomplishment in life you have been dreaming about for a very long time, you have signed all the documents, made the down payment and you are ready and very excited to finally move into your first home.

There are several very huge differences living in a home and living in an apartment. Fortunately, there are professional and licensed movers Fort Wayne who are ready to assist you to move from one place to another as easy as possible? The following are some of the few tips to make your relocation easier and stress-free:

1. Get an Inspection

Nowadays, maintenance and repair come out from your savings and not from your landlord’s. Note a list of reminders you want to check. In addition to that, stay in your home during the routine inspection. If anything requires repair, request the seller to take care of the expenses prior to your close deal.

2. Handle the Fundamentals

At least 2 weeks in advance, you should make sure that you change your address, cancel all your utilities as well as arrange for a new setup at your new home, and look for professional movers in your place (or you may choose to decide to handle your moving all by yourself, which is not a very good idea for most cases).

3. Furnish your House with Things Which Grow with You

Instead, you should pick up a top-quality sofa that is perfectly designed for your living room and made to transfer with you, everywhere you may go. Choose the sofa that is made from the fabric of your choice, lengths, arm heights and legs. As a matter of fact, they are totally modular which means that if your area changes, the sofa can also grow with you.

4. Plan for Chores

All of these tasks your landlord had once handled or managed are now your obligation. Begin thinking about investing or spending in sprinklers, shovel, rake, weed trimmer and lawnmower, and the equipment to take care of your household repairs.

5. Purge your Belongings

Unless you totally can’t live without a certain valuable, a move is a good time to eliminate it. Hold a yard or garage sale to generate extra money in order to finance your relocation project.

6. Clean Paint, Eliminate and Install

Some things are perfectly done without any furniture around. Steam clean your carpet, wipe out your cabinets, paint the walls and ceilings, spray for pests and rodents, as well as plug in energy strips before everything is moved in. This task will never be easy again.

7. Pack the Day One Box

A shower and rings, trash bags, paper plates, dinnerware, extension cord lamp and toilet paper will make the first day and night of moving in your new house much easier.

8. Make a Checklist

Compile a checklist before anything else, so these errands are not forgotten in the long run.

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Creative Uses for a Pallet

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People nowadays are embracing the Do it Yourself niche wherein, people are just getting creative and more creative making diy or recycling projects that turn out pretty good. There are a number of ways for you to achieve your project in a level that you didn’t really expect before. In this article you will learn a lot of project ideas or creative uses for some pallets. You can totally recycle this stuff. Some grocery markets just give those away or some would ask you to buy them for a fraction of their price. Or if you want you can get them from your local pallet lumber supply.

Here are some of the usual but still creative uses for your pallet.


If you are swamp for space but still want a good old garden in your home. You can totally have that still with the standing garden. It is basically a garden in the pallet. You just fill the pallet with soil and then plant flowers in there. If you want to plant something that would be edible to you, make sure that the pallet is food grade safe. You don’t want something that is chemically treated to kill you in the process.


This project you will have to take apart the pallet and then reassemble them. You can make it into a bookshelf or a bin that you can definitely use for toys, or blankets. It depends on what you want to use it for. It can be a fun project to figure out what bests work for you. So, take it with you now and make it real.


Pallets can make for a very aesthetically pleasing but comfortable swing. You just need to tie some heavy-duty ropes and others things to make it more stable and then add some cushions and some pillows and then figure out where you want to hang them and voila you have a pretty good looking and still functional swing.


You can also make your pallet into a blank canvas and create a masterpiece that you just made. It is something that is just pretty and totally personal. It’s a great way to create something like this and show the world what can be done about it. It’s totally something that anyone could do.


Perfect for outdoors or even indoors. You use a pallet and then turn them into a pretty good-looking wine bar. Slap a bit of paint on them and you have something that you can be proud of. It’s something that is easy and fun to make. So, why not right?


This one is pretty easy as you really just need to clean the pallet, put in some treatment to make sure bed bugs aren’t there. Line them underneath your mattress put some lights in the pallet, put your mattress on top and voila you have a light up bed that is aesthetic and comfort all in one.

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